MediaFire Express

Easily and quickly upload your files onto MediaFire


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MediaFire has positioned itself as one of the most interesting options in file sharing after the disappearance of Megaupload, and although there are applications out there that let you download links from these types of servers, when uploading the files onto the cloud the options are reduced.

MediaFire Express is the official MediaFire application to upload files onto its servers. It’s as easy to use as letting it know your user info and then dragging the files (or folders) you want to upload onto the system tray icon.

You can choose a folder from within your online space each time, or you can assign one by defect and you'll be ready for your files to be uploaded in the background, thus maximizing your internet connection speed, as well as preventing the upload from canceling itself in case your internet goes down.

Once the files have been uploaded, an informative pop-up will appear that will give you the option of copying the link to your file onto your clipboard. You can also take screen captures using the application itself and upload them directly onto the server, just in case you want to have a screen capture of the uploaded files or you simply want share your desktop.

So if you want to upload your files using MediaFire, your computer will not slow down or throw a fit and you won’t have to open your browser to transfer your files onto the cloud.